SERVICES - Simulation

Some crashes are too complex for a simplified analysis. There may be other cases that need more details than a simplified analysis can provide. Computer models and simulations allow us to analyze very complex events with state-of-the art analysis methodologies. Simulations usually produce a time history of vehicle positions and speeds, which can then be used to generate detailed videos of the crash. The movies below are examples produced with HVE, which directly connects the simulation models to the movie rendering so that data is not misunderstood by the animator or entered into the rendering software incorrectly.

Click on the images to play the movies. Some of the movies show data from the simulation on an overlay. Simulations produce numerical values at every time step which allows very detailed analysis, when required. (Please note that the quality of the movies has been reduced for faster download times)

Computer rendering software such as Lightwave can also be used to show simulation results. A number of the following videos show the effect of adding lights, vegetation, etc. These renderings may be generated in HD format and allow for high-detailed printouts as well.

Simulation examples