SERVICES - Forensic Consulting

Forensic Consulting is a service we offer our customers, which might involve documenting and/or review of evidence from a crash that we may not fully analyze ourselves. We may be asked to review the analysis completed by another reconstructionist or the police. We will help you understand what techniques and evidence were used. We may be involved as non-testifying consultants to ensure the accuracy of the analysis through the use of our tools and experience.

Collision Engineering may also be used to help complete an analysis. We have tools and expertise that other reconstructionists might not have. Through testing, simulations, or calculations we can complete the analysis required to answer the questions involved in complex crashes.

With more than 15 years of experience, we have developed unique tools and techniques for building vehicle meshes and environments for use in HVE. We frequently build vehicle meshes for other reconstructionists to use. The HVE environment can cause your simulation execution time to slow significantly if it is built "heavy" with too many polygons. Building 3-dimensional polygon meshes that allow HVE to execute efficiently takes experience and an understanding of how HVE operates. We offer services to help HVE users to operate in an efficient manner, by building their crash environments and allowing them to concentrate on the simulations.