Wesley D. Grimes, P.E.


The president of Collision Engineering Associates, Inc., Wesley Grimes, has been documenting, analyzing and reconstructing vehicular accidents since 1981. Mr. Grimes is a registered professional engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University. He is certified to image and analyze data from passenger vehicles using the CDR tool. He is also trained and qualified to image ECMs from heavy trucks. Mr. Grimes has attended more than 30 courses for specialized training in the field of accident reconstruction. Some of these courses include:

  • Mechanics of Heavy-Duty Trucks and Truck Combinations
  • World Reconstruction Exposition 2000 (WREX2000)
  • Analytical Reconstruction of Automobile Crashes Using a 3-D Simulator
  • Accident Reconstruction Photogrammetry Workshop
  • Commercial Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Braking Performance of Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Low Speed Collision TOPTEC
  • Biomechanics of Impact
  • Low Speed Rear Impact Collision TOPTEC
  • Sensor Design for Automobile Air Bag Systems
  • Heavy Vehicle Underride Protection TOPTEC
  • ATB User's Group Conferences
  • Side Impact TOPTEC
  • Occupant Protection TOPTEC
  • Theoretical and Applied Vehicle Dynamics
  • Passenger Vehicle Rollover TOPTEC: Causes, Prevention and Injury Prevalence
  • Detroit Diesel Training Center, DDEC Reports/Data Extraction
  • Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) Course
  • CDR Technician Course and Data Analyst Course
  • iWitness Close Range Photogrammetry Training, Photometrix Pty Ltd.
  • Human Factors in Traffic Crashes

Mr. Grimes received the Forest R. McFarland Award from SAE for his 10 years of service as a technical session co-organizer. He was co-organizer of the accident reconstruction sessions at the SAE World Congress. He has taught courses in this field for more than 10 years, including the advanced HVE course held at the HVE Forum. Mr. Grimes has published over two dozen technical papers in this field. He has qualified to testify in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

For a complete list of training and publications please download and review Mr. Grimes' curriculum vitae.

June 1, 2021